Successful Fund

Investing in people

Our mission is to help the majority of entrepreneurs to start and raise their impact projects.

Venture capital focused on seed and pre-seed startups

Venture capital focused on seed and pre-seed startups

Venture capital focused on seed and pre-seed startups

A disruptive and scalable project?

We are helping Seed and Pre-seed startups through investment and technical advice to reach their maximum potential

Why trust Successful Fund

Full program: start to finish

Having a structured plan will be decisive for your strategy. We lead you in the incubation, acceleration and mentoring of your startup, not only with the financial support

Members of the Angels Investment Forum committee

Make yourself known to a wide network of investors thanks to our participation in the committee. Make good contacts which will help you to improve your idea

Partner Network of investee startups

Support yourself with other Founders and CEO's of your subject area that make up our investees, no one better than them can guide you

Add value

Continuous legal advice and other benefits such as free credits on AWS and other management platforms

Average results

During the last years we have increased the value of our investees at least in x3, so you will grow in one way or another

Successful case

We have funded and helped grow different startups such as FoodRation4All, Akiles and Celebreak

Team track record

0 +


0 +


0 M +

Total investment

0 M +

Current portfolio value

*Awarded results with another vehicles

Investment criteria

Initial ticket

Between 25k and 250k in the first round and till 500k in follow ons


We can invest in startups till 5 million value

Subject area

NFT's, Saas, Fintech, Insurtech, Proptech, Clean Energy, Mobility, Marketplaces, eCommerce, Healthcare & Wellbeing, Edtech, Music, Art and others

Business models

We have invested in B2B, B2C Y B2B2C

Where should I start?

We know how hard the beginnings are, whether you have a business idea or if you have already started your project. In the different stages of the startup, entrepreneurs will have to make decisions at the beginning of the project that, most likely, will determine the success of the project.

That’s why we help you not only with funding your project needs unless to make the right decisions possible by guiding you from start to finish in a complete program of incubation, acceleration and mentoring to establish a solid foundation.

Towards infinity... And beyond!

The goal we pursue is for your startup to be differentiating, scalable and profitable so that it can achieve its maximum performance.

To do this, you will not only have the capital you need, but also a team of professionals specialized in both the legal-financial and business-strategic aspects and a network of partners composed of CEO’s and Founders who have already gone through your situation. 

FoodRationForAll - Success case

We still remember the beginnings of this startup. A couple of university students, Kilian and Josevi, who were preparing their final project and who later we helped to implement it. 

Today, the startup has increased x18, being an example of social impact and demonstrating that passion, the desire to improve the world and the illusion are capable of generating great impacts.

Are you this kind of entrepreneur? 

Discover other startups we helped become what they are today

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